1. Accommodation and Room Release Schedule
    • Check-in is done after 3:00 p.m., and the room is checked out by 11:00 a.m.
    • Leaving the room after this time involves paying 100% of the room price for that day (up to 3 hours).
  2. Prohibition of Smoking and Vaping
    • Smoking and vaping (electronic cigarette) is strictly prohibited inside the hotel.
    • Otherwise, the penalty is 1000 RON.
    • In the case of triggering the fire alarm for this reason, the material damages will be paid which will be determined in court, this involving the intervention of the competent bodies.
  3. Prohibition of Own Food and Beverage Consumption in Public Spaces
    • It is forbidden to consume your own drinks and food or food brought from outside the hotel in the public areas (terrace/restaurant/SPA).
    • Violation of these rules entails the exclusion of the guest and his partners from the property, with the cancellation of the stay and non-reimbursement of the funds paid for it.
  4. Guest Liability for Accidents
    • Any accident that occurs as a result of improper use of the equipment or non-compliance with this regulation is the guest's responsibility.
  5. Prohibition of the Use of Electrical Appliances in the Hotel Rooms
    • It is not allowed to use electrical appliances in the hotel rooms (microwave oven, espresso machine, coffee filter, kettle, etc.), as there is a risk of fire/short circuit.
    • In case of non-compliance with this point, action will be taken according to point 2.
  6. Maintaining Cleanliness During the Stay
    • During the stay at Hotel Yara, guests have the obligation to maintain cleanliness by using the trash cans located in the hotel/parking lot or they can ask for the help of employees to dispose of excessive trash.
  7. Serving Dishes During the Meal Program
    • Breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes are served only during meal times, in the restaurant or on its terrace.
  8. Parking Fee and Liability
    • The hotel complex does not charge a parking fee and does not assume responsibility for any problems that may arise (theft from/from cars, damage due to wrong maneuvers, etc.).
  9. Handing in the Access Card at the Reception
    • Handing over the access card to the reception is done after the room has been checked by the hotel staff.
  10. Prohibition of Drug Use
    • The use of drugs is strictly prohibited within the hotel perimeter.

These rules are intended to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests. Thank you for your understanding and compliance.